Motion ONE PIR Sensor for Casambi

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The big issue of the past and the coming years is digitisation. The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming ever more important. Devices communicate with each other and with sensors to promote their efficient use both indoors and outdoors.

The increasing tendency to use smart homes in the private sphere and smart buildings in the professional sphere of home automation pushes manufacturers’ research departments to keep on creating new designs. Especially in the field of light, a lot of concepts can be found on the market: Light as a service (LaaS) as the integration of digital possibilities, or offers of manufacturer-based cloud solutions are just a couple of examples. Meanwhile, most of the manufactured lights are provided with chips, which allow integration into networks via a bridge or via wireless technology. The market leader in wireless, Bluetooth-based cloud solutions for home and building automation is the Finnish company Casambi. Incorporated into the Casambi network is a wide-ranging scope of possibilities for integrating various types of lights and lighting systems into the control system. What’s more, the Casambi app is free to download onto mobile devices.

The Dortmund-based company estol GmbH, which specialises in the development and production of project-related technical lighting, developed a Casambi presence detector under the direction of CEO Michael Lahme, which expands automation possibilities even further. The wireless, battery-powered Motion One captures minute movements and transmits them to the Casambi network. From now on, programmed lighting scenes can be activated, fading or time-programmed controls can be activated and the programmed rooms and lighting groups can be controlled.

MOTION ONE responds to movement and brightness

The detector introduced by estol is wireless and integrated into the Casambi network at the touch of a button. By pressing another button on the sensor, the ambient brightness is stored, which is when MOTION ONE kicks in. Energy-efficient electronics of only 1 yA in standby mode ensures a battery life of several years. Project-related programming provides further energy savings, to temporarily disable the sensor after motion detection. The mini-sensor can be equipped with various types of PIR optics and works over a radius of 12 x 8 metres, for example, with a consumption of just 1 yA. Furthermore, the use of burglar alarms can be programmed by forwarding motion detection to the cloud and generating a corresponding alarm message.

MOTION ONE can be integrated into the Casambi network without the usual effort involved with installation. Thanks to its minimal dimensions, it can be used anywhere. Cordless and tool-free, the module can be mounted virtually anywhere, using either the built-in magnet or the adhesive bracket that comes with it. The simple design allows the detector to be fitted anywhere, for example on a shelf. Initially available in white and black, multicoloured units will also be available soon, allowing them to blend in unobtrusively with all living and business space situations. The new small MOTION ONE by estol is a great complement for office, home or industrial settings and controls all Casambi Ready-equipped lights from all manufacturers. Modules that fit into lights will also be available soon.


Quelle: HIGH LIGHT (Das Fachmagazin der Lichtbranche)

MOTION ONE PIR Sensor für Casambi

Technische Daten

Dimensions / Weight: 40 x 40 x 20mm / 26 g
Wireless technology BLUETOOTH, Class 2 embedded Bluetooth 4.0
Range: up to 40 metres
Protection: IP 30 / IP 54*
Battery: Lithium CR2 / 3 V
Sensor type: PIR passive / LDR
Coverage: Diameter up to 8 metres
Range: up to 12 metres
Standby: Consumption 1 yA
LED status display / detection / programmable*
Temperature range: -20 - + 40 degrees C
Available in white, black, multicolour
Adaptation: Magnet
Scope of supply: Motion One, CR2 battery, wall bracket, user manual
Programmed individually at the factory*
Micromodules for light installation and customisation. PIR optics and function switch in preparation.
2 years warranty

ETSI EN 301 489-1 v2.1.1
ETSI EN 301 489-17 v3.1.1
R TSI EN 300 328 v2.1.1
Motion One - Easy to integrate (without installation) into existing Casambi networks at the touch of a button. Another press of the button and the ambient brightness is already stored. If the light intensity falls below the brightness level, the preset light scene / animation will be displayed or the time-based automation will run.

Technical changes reserved: estol GmbH / 12/2018


MOTION ONE PIR Sensor von estol steuert alle CASAMBI kompatible Leuchten